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I have a few misc Jeep parts still kicking around that I won't need for the build I am doing. As states above, I am located in Windsor, but I can get the parts to Mississauga so you don't have to travel as far to pick them up. I will do the best to tell you everything i know about the parts before you look at them. I can get pics of anything else you need to see, it will just take a bit longer as I just had a pretty serious operation about 3 weeks ago.

YJ AXLES - These are 30/35 combo. The Jeep was driven around before it was parked and everything worked excellent just as the fellow I got it from had promised. There were no weird noises or vibrations that came from the axles. They came out of a 92 4 cyl Jeep, thus the gearing will be 4.10. It is an excellent, cheap swap for someone with a I6 and 33's. I would like $300 for the set.

YJ CENTER COUNSEL - It's grey in colour. Appears to be in good shape and clean. Pictures soon to follow. $75

YJ/CJ HARD FULL DOORS. The doors are currently yellow, and there is bubble rust on them. Nothing seems to be through yet as I have been poking around with a screw driver a bit. The lip seems to be good and strong. If they don't sell I will sand them down to bar metal and get them in primer for a later time. 200 for the set.

XJ SOUND BAR. Its grey in colour, has the factory speakers in it as well as a dome light. There is a small tear in it, can be easily glued back in place. Worked when taken out. $75

YJ SOFT TOP. There is no hardware to put it on, only the top and the piece to hold it over your roll bar. The side windows are nice and clear, the back window is a bit faded, but still pretty good. there are no major rips in it, all the zippers appear to be in good condition. It's a little dusty. Not sure if it's for hard or soft doors, hopefully someone can help me when they see the pics. $150

YJ 4 CYL RAD - Appears to be in good condition. Never leaked when I took it out, was in good working condition. $75

YJ WINCH MOUNT - Appears to be in good condition. Never used too much. The winch does not go with it. $75
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