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Started with a small hole that I let go for a year or so. Finally had the time and place to mess with it. Didn't think it would be to big of a job.... well the entire section was rotted beyond repair so I made a new rail. Originally i was going to grind the welds smooth....but I think i'll just leave it be. Adds character :sonicjay:


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Looks like that should work.

I will be chopping off the rear section on my YJ soon but I am going to make it sit flush with the bottom of the tub and use 2x3" tubing, might cut out the rear sill too.

It all seemed solid until I jumped it at the Crawl event at R&V, it bent up a little and I noticed a crack on the bottom of the frame in front of the rear tire.

This Jump <----------

Fox air shocks go on after that.

All part of the fun.

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This is how we do it
Then weld CJ shackle hangers to the bottom
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