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Attached is a link to the build thread, but the rundown is this:

1995 4 cyl frame- Solid, cleaned and painted

1993 4 cyl engine, wiring, computer, dash, guages, body

Body had some rot, and I fixed it as any trail rig should be fixed. It is not pretty, just functional.

HP 44 with chromolly shafts, superjoints, 5.13 gears and a welded carrier

9" rear. 31 spline shafts and a mini spool. gears would be ok for offroad, but are pretty worn. Brand new disc brakes

linked front suspension with new QA1 heims, all good stuff.

904 auto with a B/M manual valve body

YJ seats. stock fuel system, spring over rear suspension.

CJ front clip with cut down grille. Good windshield.

99% 35" BFG MT's

bla,bla,bla call for details. $3000

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BTT- It now has a full cage, and I will throw in the Sparco harness'. Engine, trans, t-case, both axles and body are installed for good. Cage needs some welding finished up. I was told that the engine and dash wiring were the same years, but they are not, and some splicing will be needed. I made the rear driveshaft, and I have the material to make the front one. Brand new Warn hubs.
What it needs-
Steering box installed- I have everything for it
Front driveshaft - I have everything for it
Brake lines- I have the front hoses, but hardlines need to be run
Seat mounts put in cage- Or bolt seats back to the floor
Wiring- It was supposed to be simple plug and play- its not
Mount cooling fan- I have it
T-case shift linkage- I think I have it

Comes with almost all the parts to finish, and 2 spare engines
$3000 or best.
Pics of cage here-
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