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XJ will not start, Help

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93 XJ, I recently purchased this. The previous owner had pulled the motor out and thought the bearing in the lower end was bad. It was only the flywheel. They reinstalled it. It will not fire. Does have fuel. Changed the crank senor (under the rotor in the distrib), crank position senor on the trans housing. Cranks over fine but does not fire. Owner said dist. was not pulled when motor removed. Help!!
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Are the plugs wet with fuel after cranking? Check to make sure the injectors are actually pulsing. If they aren't then that would lead me to believe there is an issue with the ASD relay.
should of asked this sooner , are you sure they installed the right flexplate (flywheel) ?? The crank position sensor reads off the flexplate, which in return controls your spark to fire the engine. I would check the persons work you got it from first.
That thought crossed my mind as well, but I assumed they wouldn't make that mistake.
this may be a stupid question but is the engine grounded?
If the PCM isn't grounded then you'll hear a really fast clicking from the ASD relay. You'll get fuel pressure @ the rail but a pulse signals won't be sent to the injectors, that's why I asked if the plugs were wet with fuel.
you know what happens when one assumes. It's worth checking out seeing you didn't do the work.
Yeah...I wasn't disagreeing with you....
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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