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XJ Tube Doors, Not available at JcrOffroad.

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XJ Tube Doors - Limited Time Only

You have shown interest, so now here is your chance! We will be offering a spring batch of tube doors for a limited time only! These doors will not be part of our normal production schedule and only be available once a year! Cut off day for orders will be May 31th , 2010! With production beginning June 7th , 2010.


* We must sell at least 10 sets to move these into production.

* Interested customers must call in to order (269-353-1184). Payment will not be processed until the orders are moved into production. If we don’t sell enough sets, no orders will be processed.

* Production times may vary based on order date. Once the doors have moved into production, it should be 12-15 business days to complete orders.
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Well, I guess we can definitively say that no one buys tube doors.
At least now if people call asking if we'll ever make tube doors, we can just say, "Don't worry, you won't buy them anyways." :sonicjay:
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