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XJ Tube Doors, Not available at JcrOffroad.

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XJ Tube Doors - Limited Time Only

You have shown interest, so now here is your chance! We will be offering a spring batch of tube doors for a limited time only! These doors will not be part of our normal production schedule and only be available once a year! Cut off day for orders will be May 31th , 2010! With production beginning June 7th , 2010.


* We must sell at least 10 sets to move these into production.

* Interested customers must call in to order (269-353-1184). Payment will not be processed until the orders are moved into production. If we don’t sell enough sets, no orders will be processed.

* Production times may vary based on order date. Once the doors have moved into production, it should be 12-15 business days to complete orders.
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:sonicjay: All the whining about wanting some and then nobody shows up to actually buy them :whiz:
At least now if people call asking if we'll ever make tube doors, we can just say, "Don't worry, you won't buy them anyways." :sonicjay:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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