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Got a handful of parts left over from parting out two xjs.

I do NOT have glass, trans, exhaust, or body panels. No engines but have brackets, pulleys, etc. intake, etc. off them. No axles. No brakes.

Starter 4.0 $15
Alternator possibly $15
Roof rails stock $15
Headlight valence or header panel for 96 and under years $50
Headlight and turn signal trim $10
Headlights $15
Metal panel that goes over the radiator $10
Coolant bottle $5
Computer from 91 I believe $10
Washer fluid bottle $5
Misc ac stuff from engine bay - metal lines to condenser, condenser, etc. $25
Battery harness $10
Radiator $15
Rear drive shafts different lengths, maybe diff splines -$15 each
Only interior items are grey rocker panel and kick panels, and maybe one seat belt/wall panel that goes next to the seat $10
Intake from 91 with all sensors -$20
Thermostat $5
Heater relay resistor thing that usually burns out $10
Dip stick $5

I have a parts engine. No heads. Rod through block. Has pulleys, brackets, etc.

Will ship for cost of shipping. Other wise located in Lansing. Can get pics of what youre interested in.

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