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I've got a 1996 XJ and within the last week, I forgot what day exactly, my blinkers no longer function. The four way hazards work fine, but the blinkers; nada.

I have since replaced the following to no avail:

Blue Combination Relay under the steering column
Fuses for both the blinkers and the hazards
Relay in the engine compartment for the four ways and blinkers
Blinker column (the stick on the left side of the steering wheel)

None of these have done anything for me. I found THIS THREAD over on Naxja, but I don't understand his solution (on page 2).

In my fuse box by my kick panel on the drivers side, there is an empty place where there never was a flasher unit. Apparently the 96's and some 95's re-routed the flasher so it plugs into a cord that just hangs under the dash on the drivers side. It looks like a 550 flasher (pic at the bottom) but it is smaller. About 1 inch long and 3/4" diameter.

The local Dodge/Jeep dealerships parts department is at a loss, Autozone has never seen one and O'Reileys can't find anything like it either.

All the bulbs are good, and all my other electrical accessories are working as well. The trailer light plug gets nothing when I use a turn signal either, but the hazards work on the trailer.

I'm about at my wits end. Any suggestions as what to check next?

Pic of 550 flasher (only one of those two parallel prongs should be turned 90 degrees):


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Did you check the Blinker fluid????

The turn signals and hazards use different remote resevoir's so it is possible for one to function and not the other.

While Jeep only says to use Mopar fluid Napa/murrays etc have acceptable substitutes
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