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1 possibly 2
we are going to make that a 2 ftw

Edit if any of you guys make fun of my girl she will pull out her piece and murk you fools,
yeah shes from da hood 6 and gratiot
No she is not colored

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awwww man! :tonka:

wife just told me that her crazy lunatic family x-mas party is that day and it is mando that I attend. :( :mad:

count me out

tell the wife that family is suposed to be closer to Christmas and that you made the date with us first so they will have to change theirs:sonicjay:

My club made their Christmas party on the 15th also Becasue I missed that last club meeting and never told them so I will miss my clubs party to hang with the GL crew,:woot: they are like my family so you can skip the in-laws

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Couldn't make it the 8th but the 15th works for me.
This reminds me of a Monopoly Card. Can you guess which one?

My version--->"CC error in your favor. Go to the gl4x4 X-mas party."

Count me in for 1.
81 - 100 of 103 Posts
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