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I have a 2 bolt main 400 SBC that has been cleaned up in a bake oven and magnafluxed. No cracks in the block.

I also have the crank which is in rough shape but looks like it can be cleaned up and turned down to be good as new. Also have harmonic balancer, push rods and connecting rods which look to be good but 3 push rods have a little rust pitting on one end.

Not so good news, the cylinder walls have rust pitting. The machine shop had to way of telling how deep they were but he said that it looked deeper then .040 (The max you can bore a 400). He recommended sleeving the cylinders that would need it but I just brought it back home instead.

I'm really looking to trade for a SBC 350, preferably a running one...but will sell also. Also can trade block and parts plus some $$$ for the 350.

Located in Gaylord, MI

Heres a pic of the worst one

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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