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WTB XJ steering upgrade

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I really don't care what it is, anything is better then stock.
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Jeeperz Creeperz has the Omix Ada crossover set up for $189. I bought that and it's kinda neat. Pretty beefy.

Or, JCR has a 1-ton crossover steering setup that they sell for $300-ish that corrects some of the issues with the Omix setup.

And, I think the Currie Currect-link is around $320-ish.
check with kevin at jeepers creepers. he is the man.
his prices and service both are top notch.
189 is about the most I can afford to spend right now, so I'll be looking into the jeeperz Creepers set up....
I bought that same kit for my first XJ and posted it up and pretty much was told it was just as bad as the stock one....
1 - 12 of 16 Posts