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So my wife's '99 Grand started clattering. Need a good shortblock or entire engine. We are down to one vehicle (my truck) but two jobs. This needs fixed fast. Trouble is, money is short.

This engine has 250,000 odd miles and has always run fantastic. I find it strange that it just randomly started clattering. But anyway...if anyone has something decent, please let me know ASAP.

Local yard gets $250 with warranty but has nothing compatible right now. Just older XJ's and WJ's with 4.7's. They typically have 130,000-160,000 odd miles on them.

NOT a charity case and not looking for that but not gonna let myself get raped either. Just in a tight spot right now. My TJ already has engine being rebuilt due to sandy water flooding oil pan and pumping through engine.

May have items to trade if anyone is looking. Lots of steel I-beams, other steel. Tearing apart a 44' box trailer and have lots of aluminum sheet from walls. Have some rims and tires...TJ Rubicon take-offs. Have been wheeled and have rash. I run 32's on 15"s on TJ now so don't really need them.

Please let me know what you have and where you are. I am about 30 minutes east of Toledo.

Thanks for looking!
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