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Basically, I can get the Jeep to fire, and it will start for about 1/2 of a second. If I touch the gas...done. If I don't, 1/2 second later, it dies. I have fuel and spark.....what else? It's a 95 YJ 4.0 manual. Please, any help would be great. Usual suspects??

So I found this unhooked:

As you can see, it runs back to the top of the transmission....I followed it all the way back there. Where does this plug in at? I can't find a three prong input anywhere. I think this is the crankcase sensor heading the the engine harness. The other end is plugged into the sensor on the trans.

Also, I unplugged this and found oil between the connection and the sensor. I unplugged it while changing the oil, so I assume I must have gotten a little on there.
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