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Mine is in the White River about 20min upstream of pines point:(I lost it there Sunday afternoon.
The wife was not too pissed about it, but she was not happy.
My brother in law lost his this weekend too up there. Kinda weird

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I have lost so much weight mine doesnt fit. I bought another set and spent a lot of money and it no longer fits either. Mike said I have to wait until my weight stabilizes before I am allowed to drop more coin on rings or getting one sized. Unfortunately the last one I bought cant be sized so the diamond has to be reset in a new setting. :teehee:
So fingerwise.. I am single looking :woot:

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Mine stays in a drawer along with Jim's so they most likely will still be there next time I bother looking.
I tried talking Jim into selling them to pay for something fun, but he didn't go for it. Neither ring has been worn for at least 10 yrs now.

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However..............I'd like to add.

I at work noticed I was missing my wedding band...........pricey it was. I felt faint when I noticed it I searched and searched and searched on my hands and knees through out our 100,000sqft shop. I punched out even cuz I knew it would take some time till I found it...........on my hands and knees I looked in every corner in every dark hidden space. I retraced every step I took, but I couldn't find my wedding band.

Finally I came to terms and told my wife I, me, lost my wedding band.......

She giggled.
She laughed.
She told me she took it off my finger to wash it.....................


I killed her.
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