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which linelock should i buy

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since i am redoing my brake lines on my jeep i though i would throw a couple line locks on it since i dont have any parking brakes. which ones have you used and had good and bad luck with?
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What kind and abilities do you want?

Manual ball valve style? swagelok

electric one way valve style? biondo

I have both, havent used either. I would love to package 2 electric models without one way valves in them so I have dual functionality out of them but most electric models you find are switched on and when on they are also a one way valve so you can lock the brakes "off" through that circuit. Sure people will bitch and argue that it isnt a safe way to do it and that you lose 1/2 or more of your braking but I could care less. I want a valve that I can basically package anywhere and activate easily.

Right now I'm looking at packaging 2 swagelok's somewhere to replace a cutting brake until I get one figured out.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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