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Here's your chance to capture a bit of nostalgia....

You can own your very own Western Auto Sand Blaster tires... the tires that dominated the sand in the 80's.

Complete that period correct restoration of your 78 Chevy stepside with these 36" beasts.

Measuring in at a "MASSIVE" 36" tall, and 14.5" wide. Throw these on your 16.5x12" wide Chrome mods and dominate the competition.

This is a complete set of (4) tires, with near new tread depth.

NOTE:, as these tires are probably older than half of the members here, the side walls do have some dry rot, but They have no holes that I know of.

I'm never going to use them, and they're cluttering up my garage.

First $100 gets the set.

I couldn't find a quarter, so I made do. The last pic shos the tread depth in respect to a 5/8" wood bit. All 4 look to be the same.

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