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I've had the phone for about 3 months and decided to go back to a phone without a data plan. I have used this phone until yesterday when I activated a different older phone. We're saving for a house so trying to cut expenses that we don't need. I really love this phone! As I type I am in tears thinking about parting with this piece of my life... Just kidding... but seriously, I love this phone!

The phone has had a screen protector on it from day one, so the screen is perfect.
It comes with 2 OEM batteries that last about 1.5 days without charging,
2 home chargers with all the overseas adapters,
USB data cable,
OEM Blackberry earphones that I never used, very cool with the mic in it,
owner's manual,
all desktop software
the OEM SIMM card,
and the 8 gig memory card the phone came with.

The ESN is clear and it's ready to activate!

This thing does everything from music and high res movies to word, excel, pandora, etc. I love that it integrates all your facebook contact info, birthdays, and appointments into your calendar and contact lists.

These go on ebay from $100 to $200 depending on usage and condition. This one is in great condition.

I'm asking $150 obo, or I would entertain putting it toward another pistol in .22LR, .380, .32, or 9MM plus cash.

Make a reasonable offer and it's yours! I do take Paypal but cash talks louder.

I also will ship for $8 anywhere in the continental U.S.

PM me or e-mail to [email protected]


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hey did you see my post on the verizon cell phone listing u had. lol i was messin with you cause u said the screen broke and i was assuming this was the same phone.
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