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V-Dub Timing Question

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I'm having a brain fart here and hopefully someone here will know whats up.

My brothers 1.8L turbo threw the timing belt and I'm replacing it. I've got it all apart, but I started thinking about something...Can I just line the 2 TDC marks up (one on crank pulley and one on cam) and go, or do I need to know which revolution of the crank the cam needs to be set at?

This probably sounds stupid, and I think I'm just overthinking this but just want to be sure. It's an '03 if that matters to anyone.
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umm threw a timing belt? like it broke when it was running? the timing marks are easy but if that happened like im thinking be ready to put valves in it. cause they are very much of an interference engine and will bend valves if your just one or two teeth off. i hope it didnt but good luck
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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