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Brand new retails around $240, selling for $125

Hooked up for 5 mins to home furnace and that was not the problem (This item is brand new) ended up being the gas valve.

Will fit many models (PM me your module and I will cross reference)

White Rogers
50E347/50F47-1 thru 79 50E347/50F47-101 thru 179 50E347/50F47-201 thru 279 50E347/50F47-301 thru 379

S89C 1004 S89D 1002 S89H 1003 S890C 1007 S890G 1037
S89C 1012 S89G 1005 S89H 1011 S890D 1006 S890H 1002

and many others

Robertshaw also

Hell just email me your model number and I will let you know!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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