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Uh oh, they lost Abby! The 16 year old who was going around the world on a sailboat

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If she can have a yacht, why can't her parents go pick her up? They have the money. Apparently even if she was successful they wouldn't have recognized it as its 18 and over now to discourage such nonsense.
Wat? Her parents who are probably (at least) a weeks worth of traveling away should come get her in the Winter sea she's in right now? And are you trying to tell us that you have to be 18 to travel around the world by yourself in a Yacht?

I'm glad they found her safe and that she's capable of all that she's done. Seems like a Cool Adventure and if I had any Boating experience I may try and get more and do it my self.
She was going through the indian ocean in Winter, which many people who do this for a living said was the most stupid thing they could have possibly decided on doing with the around the world trip. She was stuck risking her life in the rough seas there because they wanted her to be the youngest ever, and they couldn't wait any longer.

However, if she was capable, more power to her. Sounds like she was strong enough, but her boat wasn't.
Agreed. That's what I was trying to say. I was just confused at what Boogts was saying.
Exactly. I'm not putting my kid in the middle of the ocean, alone, and if something goes wrong, to plead for others to rush to her safety.

For it to actually count as the record, yes.
Gotcha. Still an awesome trip I'm sure. It doesn't quite make sense that in order for it to count you have to be 18. That kind of sets a Limit on "The youngest person to sail around the world".....They have to be 18. ::sonicjay:
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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