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Uh oh, they lost Abby! The 16 year old who was going around the world on a sailboat

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If she can have a yacht, why can't her parents go pick her up? They have the money. Apparently even if she was successful they wouldn't have recognized it as its 18 and over now to discourage such nonsense.
Wat? Her parents who are probably (at least) a weeks worth of traveling away should come get her in the Winter sea she's in right now? And are you trying to tell us that you have to be 18 to travel around the world by yourself in a Yacht?

I'm glad they found her safe and that she's capable of all that she's done. Seems like a Cool Adventure and if I had any Boating experience I may try and get more and do it my self.
Exactly. I'm not putting my kid in the middle of the ocean, alone, and if something goes wrong, to plead for others to rush to her safety.

For it to actually count as the record, yes.
You know some yahoo would send their 5 year old out in a skiff at some point...
Sure, just like if your house catches on fire, you are going to put it out and rescue everyone inside by yourself right? No 911 for you, your more responsible than that.

What about if your kid fell down a well? Are you going to dig it up your self?

How about if your kid gets kidnapped? you going to hunt down the kidnapper?

She was sailing around the world by her self, this wasnt some fly by night decision. Her parents are no more capable of rescuing her from the ocean than you are at finding a kidnapper.
I wouldn't be able to find my kidnapper, no, but for your analogy to be close to apples to apples to this situation, I'd have to put my kid in the middle of Somalia with a note attached to her that says belongs to wealthy family.

If I put my house next to a blast furnace.

If I put an open well next to a swingset. Who has a "Lassie" style well anymore? lol

If you need rescuing, by pure accident or horrible turn of events, its one thing. To put someone in a situation where there is a high chance of needing rescue with only the help of others to depend on is my point.
If your kids gets hurt skiing at Mt.Holly, you will refuse help from the Ski Patrol right?
I would be paying for the ski patrol. My insurance would then pay for the hospital bill. Her parents aren't paying for her rescue or if she needed medical attention.

I'm not trying to bash her... more the parents.
1 - 5 of 33 Posts
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