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Uh oh, they lost Abby! The 16 year old who was going around the world on a sailboat

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Actually, her brother's record has little to do with her record attempt. He just wanted to be the youngest to circumnavigate the world. She wanted to do the trip unassisted--which is an entirely different adventure. I spent some time reading up on both of their trips today.

I think that you would all find that these 2 young individuals are far better equipped to make decisions, respond to emergency situations and attempt to save their own lives in the middle of the ocean than most of the GL4X4 population is swim in their own bathtub.
cherio chap! I agree ,I've almost drown in my bathtub a couple of times. Bully I say, Bully!:sonicjay:
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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