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Im just trying to get some exposure I have these vehicles for sale and if anyone would like to purchase them, my gf can get off my ass.

#1 is a 1988 F150 with 187XXX miles 300 I6, 5sp (yes 5spd tranny) 3.27 gears and topper. Pics will come soon. Bed is not pretty with holes in the floor of the bed, cab corners and rockers well eaten away, but chassis and drivetrain very solid and reliable. The gf and I have taken it on trail runs and it has performed for us. The transfer case does need a new chain in it. (Local wisconsin junkyards want atleast 450 for the Mazda tranny alone)

Asking price of $500 because it is a running vehicle and that is what the gf wants out of her truck.

thank you


Trades may be possible on the tbird(full size 4x4, boat, camper, car hauler), no trades for truck cash only because its the gf's truck.
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