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I have two sets of Dana 30/35's. Both are in excellent mechanical condition.
one set (the 92) could use brakes, but the calipers look good. The 87's brakes look to be in pretty good shape.

Like I stated above, the one set came out of a 92 YJ, that was still running and driving on the road. they have been sitting her in my garage for about 6 weeks now. asking 300, open to offers.

I have another set out of an 87 YJ. they looked to be in excellent condition. the brakes appear to be good. this Jeep was driven daily as well. They have been sitting for about one week now. need them gona as well. asking 300. Again I am open to offers.

I need these gone, they are taking up space inside my garage, and I am looking at buying a FSJ Cherokee, so I need to clear everything out.
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