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It's time for something new so I'm throwing my DD yota up on the market. It's the only thing that reminds me of the Ex so i need to move it.

It's an 88 Reg cab, 5spd, 22r, carbie.
Schneider racing cam
VERY LITTLE RUST! It's an Arizona truck originally.
Tons of paper work and receipts.
New carb.
New bad ass exhaust(not loud)
New brakes
Newer timing(About a year ago)
New tires
94 split bench seat.
Nice sounding stereo.
A really cool set of old school A.R.E ronal like alloys.
Possibly can have the topper? You would really want to lift 200lbs.
Has a full Bell tech drop kit(3in). It rides great! No joke. I can still haul 600lbs in the back with out touching bump stop.

Comes with a Whole bunch of parts, Like a whole other 87 truck i used to drive and still could. The trans in the parts truck is jacked and the motor is about ready to pull.
A spare 22re head(bigger valves).

$1800 OBO. trades for a car. Nothing specific, Import Maybe?

With topper and the rims last year.

parts ride. I've drove this truck ALL over the state and i feel bad for parting it..
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