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I have a diesel engine out of a 1983 toyota diesel 2.2L The truck had 188k on it but was rotted in half so the truck is gone and I have the engine in my garage. I was planning on putting it in my 89 but going v8 instead. I put a new timing belt in it this summer getting it ready but never ran it after. It comes complete with all relays and accessories needed to swap into a later year toyota. Perfect for anybody with a 22r that is looking for a good torquey crawler motor.

Also I have a bellhousing for this motor to bolt to the later G and W series Trannies. If you know anything about toy diesel swaps you will know that this is the hardest thing to obtain. This one I shipped from australia and is in perfect condition.

Both for $800

I'll try to get pics up soon
PM if interested

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