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took pics of most ghetto/******/??? car ive seen

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seen this at applebees on 53 and 59.

discuss :rock:
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If thats the most ghetto ****** car You've seen you need to get out more .

I've seen way worse.
not many vehicles like this come around here. usually just idiots with big rims and low profile tires.
I used to live at vandyke and hall rd . there are all kinds of them if You look around.
I like how that because i leave out details that no one would normally care about that i somehow automatically never leave my city. Was on the way home from st john hospital on mothers day with my dad after he was admitted for 2 days and he wanted to grab something to eat so we ended up picking up applebees for a late dinner. Not to sure how that adds up to me not going places?

Probably not the most "ghetto ******" car ive seen but i thought it made a good title. Some of you people need to get the stick out of your ass :poke: and have some fun like the first three people who responded.
I'm having fun looking at you gettin' Your panties all in a bunch over Your gay postings.:sonicjay:
I saw this beauty going down I75 near 12 mile the other day. If you look close you can see that they even had the dash and headliner done up. I don't understand what goes through some peoples minds..

Well they could have a piece of shit car or a funny looking piece of shit car.:sonicjay:
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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