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guys im changing my exhaust..

you have 2 options and i would like you to vote for one or the other..

its one of the two setups that i will be changing too.. just looking for opinions.

IM NOT CHANGING anything about either exhausts from the pics.
im either going to buy the first set of pics ( stacks ) or the second set of pics ( duals ) but they will be bent and look EXACTLY like in the pics..

heres set 1 stacks

heres set 2 duals

and the truck it will be going on incase you dont know.

oh btw!!! im going to leave this run all weekend... monday i order..
which will it be??????????

always building
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I love the look of stacks, but i prefer the straight ones more to the outside of the bed.
i think "hacksaw's" looked the best, they were sweet.

but i would NEVER put them in my truck because they take up to much room.
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