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putting 4.88's on my detroit locker for my yj dana 30.
the carrier comes out/goes in easily (don't need a pry bar to take it out, or a hammer to get it in)
the gear pattern is perfect, but i am worried that the carrier might need another shim.
should i add .002" to the carrier, so it is a bit more snug; or just call it good after i put new bearings on?? (maybe the new bearings will tighten it up a little)
like i said, the pattern is absolutely perfect, and i don't want to make the pinion mesh any deeper on the ring gear; so if i add, what side should i put the shim on??
will .002" make that much of a difference on the pattern anyway?
i can take a couple of pics tonight or tomorrow if needed.

When you press on the new bearings it will become looser than it is now unless you add shims. Add to both sides and it won't change the pattern.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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