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TJ overhaul

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This is my Jeep as of today. I have 6 weeks before I am heading to Tennessee. I'm cleaning up the frame. Replacing the LT1 with an LS. Replacing the NV4500 with a 6L80. Putting in a wider front axle. Changing the steering setup. Changing the front suspension.

Wish me luck!

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This is what it looked like before. It will look the same when done. Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Sand Automotive tire

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I changed my steering assist cylinder location. This will allow me another 3" of compression before it collides with the track bar. Also the bracket used to be detachable; I went ahead and welded it to the cover. It will be the same PITA either way.


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Been a few years so

I’m about to start another major rebuild of my Jeep TJ. Main reason for the build is to replace my totally rusted out TJ tub with an LJ tub. As with everything Jeep if you’re going to do 1 thing you might as well do 8.

Current Jeep configuration / Proposed Changes
• 1997 TJ Wrangler / 2006 LJ Tub w/Artec back half frame stretch kit
• Adding body & corner armor
• LY6 GM 6.0L Engine
• 6L80 Transmission
• NP241 HD Transfer Case / Atlas 3.0
• PSC Steering box w/ assist cylinder
• 100” WB Front 2.5” forward – Rear 4” back / 112” WB Front 4.5” forward – Rear 14” back
• Rubicon radius arms front – 4-link rear
• ORI 10” Front 300psi Upper – 90psi Lower / King 2.5 14” Coilover shock
• 4.5” up - 5.5” down travel / 5” up – 8” down travel
• 3.5” TJ coil spring & King 2.0 Air shock 100psi / King 2.5 14” Coilover shock
• 2.0 3” bumpstop rear 80psi / Add bump stops to front
• NO sway bar / Add sway bar to front axle
• Dana 60’s Front & Rear full width / 14” rear Shaved
• 8274 Winch
• Poison Spyder front cage kit
• 42” 14/42-17 IROC Bias – road, trail, sand, snow
• 42” 42 X14.50R20 BFG Krawler – Offroad parks, East Tennessee
• Inner Air Locks inside each set’s wheels


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"Why the move from ORI to coil over?"

I've been real happy with the ORI's. I think I'm too heavy for them 6200#s.
They are the best for climbing and crawling.

I'm working for a better ride on the trails Up North where we experience the moguls from winter snowmobile traffic and a little more speed thru the bumps at Silver Lake. Also the "I didn't see that coming"on the roads between the trails at Windrock.

I do expect some sacrifices in climbing.
Dang. 6200# she hides her weight well. :sonicjay:
^ this. Have you had it weighed? Hard to believe a Jeep can be that heavy.
True, my YJ, tons,V8, cage, armor, 5-40" tires on beadlocks with trail tools scaled at just under 5000#.
Sounds like I better weight it.
You paid premo dollars for that tub! Can I get some insight on what you do for a living so I can start doing it too! :) Cool build! I am getting closer and closer to a mid life crisis which involves a LJ.
You guys are correct does not weigh 6200#s

Just got back from CAT scales.
Nearly empty fuel tank, no tools, parts, cooler or wife 5100#s.
Bad memory most have been 5200 when I weighed it last.

Was surprised on the balance. 2800 front 2300 rear, add tools etc in the rear and will be fairly balanced.

Thanks for pushing me to get the correct information.
You paid premo dollars for that tub! Can I get some insight on what you do for a living so I can start doing it too! :) Cool build! I am getting closer and closer to a mid life crisis which involves a LJ.
It's not so much what I do, it's of where I'm at in life. I'm old and back to that dual income no kids, no payments part of life. Yes I've gone stupid on this build, but it's probably my last build in this life so I'm all in.

Looking for something more comfortable, quieter, cleaner.
Progress report

Everything has been ordered. Still waiting on the frame back half kit etc from Artec. Ordered mid January, disappointed parts aren't here yet.

Plan is to remove old tub this weekend. If parts show up will cut frame soon.
It's begun

A start


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Weekend progress

Weekend Progress


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Made some progress over the last couple of weeks.
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