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My dad and I both run trxus. Mine don't balance for crap, the guys at Discount want to kill me everytime I come in, my dad has a problem with 1 or 2 of them balancing, but his are better than mine.

They perform amazing in snow, good in mud(with wheelspin), god on dirt, gravel, and good on pavement. When they were new, until about 3000 miles, they were extremely quiet, now they have quite a hum to them, but no droning or obnoxious noise, just what you'd expect from a knobby tire.

The wear is less than ideal, but I don't know exactly how many miles are on them now since they've been on 2 different Jeeps and I never wrote anything down. I'd estimate about 6000 miles and they've got about 1/2 tread.

If I did more wheeling, I'd buy another set for my new Jeep, but if you are mostly on-road, I'd go for something less aggressive, some kind of A/T.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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