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thinking about an automatic trans?

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i got a creeper t18 mated to a flipped dana 300 with 4 to 1 gears.
its has an aftermarket hydro clutch set up. it dont shit for didly!
i have been thinking about going to an auto. i have not wheeled with an auto in 10 years. im gonna play with it somemore b4 i do anything.
what is the most common spline count when you mate a t18 and dana 300.
what would the best auto trans be(th400/727/904/999/other). is there and overdrive auto that would mate to a dana 300 cheaply. im not sure if ill like an auto, but they work pretty good offroad.

your opinions are welcome. thx
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the engine is from a cherokee so im thinking an aw4 would work pretty well.
Not to try to cherry-pick too badly, but any chance of the T-18a being available for a good price? Just askin'...
everything is for sale for the right price. cherry picking is fine with me!

heck id sell or trade the whole juggy for the right deal.

thx for the advice everyone. i think the problem is the hydro clutch setup. but an auto is tempting.
seems everyone has one but me. i grew up wheeling manuals and its hard to think anything else will work.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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