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First off I should explain my thoughts so this dosen't sound too strange to you guys.

A few years ago I started seeing brackets that completely disregarded all the rules about Link Suspensions as we knew them to be. The changes that have come to be accepted as the way to do it no longer care about seperation, not vertical or linear. Did those rules change overnight? No, they didn't. What changed was a few companies saw a way to make things easier, for them and the many people that bought into the idea. Now every company making anything for link suspensions has these. Why don't we?

We do not make a combination upper/lower link bracket with 4" (or less) of vertical seperation and no inches of linear seperation. I simply do not agree with it. It certainly makes installations easier but it also limits you to only what you can do using that type of bracket.

Our Link Brackets are not holding you to any pre-determined limits. Our Link Brackets ALLOW you to make your rig work as well as you can design it. Not limiting you in any way. They are not shaped to be pleasing to the eye, they are shaped to give the broadest mounting area which is a much stronger way to do things.

I know I am going to get some flack for this but I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion and this is mine. Anyway here they are, our new 4 Link Kits!

For Framed Rigs

This is it, everything in one package for a great price, and not low end stuff just to be cheap either! The kit is wrapped around 8 of our 1.25" Heat & Cryo Treated 78,000lb+ RSL Chromoly Heims with Stainless High Misalignment, Zink Plated Jam nuts, and 1.5" Tube ID Weld Bungs. Not a cartridge type joint in sight and not 7/8" uppers as is becoming common among companies just wanting to have a low price. If you want 7/8" uppers we can swap them out for a lower price but I would remind you torque transfers throughout the system, the only difference is the uppers do not take impact.

The Upper Frame brackets are our 25 degree 5 way Adjustable link brackets. The Lower Frame brackets are our venerable Chassis Link brackets, time tested and proven for optimum performance. All of our lower brackets are ramped for protection.

For the axle end we have our Axle Mount Link brackets and our New Truss that we have refined for additional strength while shedding uneeded pounds. On the Truss we keep it simple with 4 of our 3/8" thick Flat Bottomed Link Tabs. The truss is an option that you can choose to leave out for a $100 savings.

For Tube Chassis Rigs

Everything on the axle is the same as the other but the tube side is different.

The Upper Chassis brackets are our 10-35 Degree 5 Way Adjustable Tube Mount Link brackets. The Lower Chassis brackets are 10-35 Degree 3 way Adjustable Tube Mount Link brackets for optimum performance.

The only choice you need to make is if the Truss needs to span a Large third member (D60, D70, 14 Bolt, Sterling, Eaton, Dodge 9.75, etc...) or a Medium sized third member (Ford 8.8, D44, Ford 9", Toyota, etc...). If you want to make more changes give us a call and we can see what we can do!

These are on Special @ $722.50 for the framed and $663 for the tubed as you see them, about 15% less Than normal prices...And all kits can be changed to be exactly as you wish, just give us a call ;)
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