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The Kernel - 46 2a build - Broke Ground 11/27/15

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In design and parts collecting phase.
EDIT: The build has started. see page 6

I acquired a 1946 CJ2a from Mr. Crawl this past summer for my next rig since parting out the eliminator. I wanted to come up with a name before I posted the start to the build thread.

Only keepin the front cowl, fenders, grille, and hood. rest will be sold or scrapped.

Starting from the ground up, the plan is for 35" tires on a pair of scout axles (or something else in the 60" wms range) with some sort of traction aid in at least the rear to start. Ended up with 44/44 Waggy axles.

Toss up on the suspension, but it will be linked. Low slung as sensically reasonable. 4 link front and rear with ORI struts

Frame will be new, along with a custom tub taking the styling queues of the original, which will allow for a slight wheelbase stretch in the rear. A roll cage will be installed, either tied into the body, or separate. PRP low back seats are the preference for now. Some sort of Desert Tan will be the main color for the rig. Largely unchanged, except mastercraft low back seats.

As for the powertrain, and part of the name I've given to this project.
e-85 powered 3800 pontiac supercharged engine attached to a powerglide(now planning for an AW4 with a d300 (might just stick with 231 with SS SYE). Overall length of this setup should be in the 52-55" range. Add in 350 hp while being under 1200# drivetrain, and you have some great power to weight ratio. 3800sc/700r4/231c

The goal of this ride: To be able to cruise at 60 mph down the highway comfortably, wheel it, and drive it home. 70mph

This will not be a fast build, but should start seeing some shape take place next summer after I finish fixing up the 77 ranger bass boat. started fall 2015

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What do you have as far as the original D41 rear axle? Anything left in your original parts pile that you want to sell?

I've got a 48 CJ2A I'm working on....

Any new progress?

My 48 is officially on the road... I may need to do a drive by one of these days.
1 - 2 of 179 Posts
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