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Well after a few years of being split between being a 1/4 mile racer and off roader, I think its time to say lets get dirty. I am primarily a Ford person, but I respect all rigs from little samuris to the awesome duece and a halfs. A Bud Light or Whisky and Root Beer will keep quenched.

Quick history of how I came to the decision of being an off-roader is a group call the Bay Boggerz in Green Bay invited me up to run on the Pipeline with them even though i didnt have a truck. From rock hills to deep trenches and just hood high water got me hooked. I then purchased my first 4x4 in the very early part of 2005 as a 1987 F150 with a 300 I6 with a 4sp and 3.08 gears on 35 BF goodrich mut terrains. I found out that the 3.08's suck goin up steeper hills, but it was hard to get this truck stuck, it was dubbed the tow truck. I took the engine out to drop in a carbed 302 with better heads, cam and exhaust but that project took a back seat as I kept moving, parts got lost.

Well Im back and found a 93 F150 300 I6 with auto and 3.55 gears for $100. Yes one benjamin and i have a running truck, bad news is the roof is caved in and front windshield is gone and the bed is fubarred pretty bad. I will be making two trucks into one.

Its awesome to find this website and see all the other off-roaders. Only if I get permission will I share my bay boggerz site so you guys can see some of the stuff we get into and the vehicles and great people we find. If anyone in the UP have any good trails or play spots please let us know we are always looking for bigger deeper messier holes to dig in.

Hope someday I can meet just a fraction of the people on here and run with some of you.

Thanks for having me aboard.

Dennis - Green Bay, WI
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