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I'm in need of a TorqFlite 904 family transmission that would have been found in various Jeeps (mostly 6 cyl) and AMC passenger cars.
It can be working or not, but hopefully no busted hard parts.
I need to replace the case and a few hard parts in mine, and I'm looking for a good rebuilder core, etc.

I was planning to swap to a TH400 but I'll have too much wrapped up in an adapter, driveshafts, torque converter and rebuild kit . . .

I'd rather just throw a 904 back in there. Must be AMC bolt pattern . . .
Hopefully a non-lockup (look at the input shaft and see if it's splined to the end, lockups are machined smooth at the end)

pm for phone number.
May be willing to trade for a working AMC TH400.
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