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That was a lovely trip to Gene's. Guy on phone claimed up and down they had a manual t case 4.0L ranger out in the yard that I needed the shift linkage from. Turns out it was an electric shift manual trans truck :mad:. Now rather pissed I just drove 1.25 hours each way for nothing, we talked on some axles. They didn't have a 4.10 front to go with a 4.10 posi rear, so we settled on a 3.73 8.8" rear end for $170. Even got them to pressure wash it for me! It's only the 28 spline, but I'm sure it will be fine for my uses. I'll put a locker of some kind in it later. Going to hit it with wire wheel, paint, new seals, and transfer all my good brake hardware over.

Because I'm a distributor for an adapter kit company that has the engine mounts and adapter kit for the vw, I work on tdi's and other European diesels for a living, and mostly because I can get 220whp/450wtq out of that little 2.0L if I want to try and break ranger parts :thumb:.

Ah. :thumb:

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