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Not Safety Washers & not Standard High Misalignment.

I was looking to add Safety Washers to our line up but something kept bugging me. Wouldn’t the mating surface between the High Misalignment and the Safety Washer add more stress to something you are trying to make more safe? Misalignment goes inside the bore of the rod end to remove the stress but a traditional Safety Washer goes on top of the stack and adds an unresolved join right next to the bolt end.

What I came up with doesn’t seem like it should be revolutionary or anything but I couldn’t find another like it so here goes. I combined the Safety Washer with the High Misalignment to eliminate the need for a separate piece. I would only use them where needed because they cost a bit more than a traditional High Misalinment because we have to start with a substantially larger Stainless Rod and Stainless isn’t cheap.

Another benefit is while eliminating the gap between the safety washer, you shorten the bolt overall length which lessens the leverage on the bolt.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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