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This is a PM I recieved, and my reply. Tell me what you think. :sonicjay: Made me laugh till I peed a little. Anybody got anything stupider than this? Wow.

a.j. hall said:
Shut your fucking mouth man. My shits not stolen. Im not kidding dude. Shut the hell up. My name does not need to come out of your mouth. We are both off roaders and there are only so many places in Michigan to off road. We may meet eventually!! If your going to say shit like that then keep it out of the for sale threads. Its funny sometimes just not in these kinds of threads. I havent stolen in over a year. And I am proud of it. So leave the subject alone. Thank you.:usa:
My Responce:

Don't let your Rottweiler mouth write a check your Chihuahua ass can't cash, you little bitch.

If, and when we meet, this is not the conversation nor the attitude I would suggest you have with me. Unless youd like to experience a coma.

Weather you have or have not stolen is no intrest of mine, I don't really care. I figure everyone should know what a shady little bitch you are is all.

As far as me leaving the subject alone, shut the fuck up, children are meant to be seen not heard. Keep your opinion to your self, I didn't ask you for it. What the hell makes you think you can "tell me" anything?
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