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soldiers coming home suprise footage

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amazing post!!!!!! that hit hard for me.. i am lookin foward to doin that to my mom when i come back from iraq in late 2011.. we leave late augest
i have a friend leaving at that time also are you in the guard or are you active duty
active guard whats his unit?
that unit as well with mine are both public to find our deployment dates soo
Then neither of your units are all that great at adhering to the rules governing OPSEC. I just did some Googling and only found one obvious hit and nothing for my own unit, which isn't bad. Distributing the information through FRGs or to select people that you have trust in is one thing. Announcing it to the world in a public manner is another. The more you put it out there, the more likely it is that the wrong people will find it.

By posting when you are leaving, your destination can be deduced or at least reduced to a select few possibilities by simply observing how long currently deployed units of the same type have been on station. That lets the enemy know when they can expect less-experienced soldiers.
i know and understand this we go through briefings for this all the time but the catch is it was public before we knew so it was alot higher than our units level. most of michigan national guard deployment dates are on the web i dont know why but they are. i havent searched any others.
1 - 4 of 54 Posts
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