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I bought these a few months ago but will not be using them for a while so I'm going to part with them until I actually need axles.

95 Front Ford HP D60 ball joint axle 3.55 gears. Stock discs with dual piston calipers. Complete minus lockouts. Still has the stock brackets. 69.25" WMS-WMS

Unknown Year D60 rear axle also with 3.55's, drum brakes. 65.75" WMS-WMS. Oh yea it's a full floater too.

Rollers are stock 8on6.5 steel wheels with 235-85-16 tires. Decent tread and all hold air.

$875 OBO for full set. I can text pics, just PM me your number. No trades and not looking to separate at the moment. Located in Fruitport 49415.


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