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And yet another Heap.....
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Got rid of the boat 4 years ago and I've been fooling myself that I'm getting another one in the near future. Time to unload some of the equipment I've been hanging onto.

I've got 50 walleye lures for sale. These sell for $4+ new. Buy this lot and you will be all set for years.....

33 Hot-n-Tots in various colors. Most are the smaller size (I think 1/2oz) but a few are larger (3/4oz?). Almost all are in perfect condition and most of them are the older style that everybody wants with the full metal lip.

12 Wiggle Warts in various colors. I believe all of these are 1/2 oz.

3 Thunderstick Jrs

and 1 Rapala Husky jerk

If you are planning on fishing Lake Erie, these lures are the ticket. My first 2 times down there with my boat all we used were Hot-n-Tots like theses and my buddy and I caught over 25 walleyes in 3 hours.
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