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SOLD (2) 225/70R16 Cooper Discover H/T Tires Excellent tread Pictures $15.00

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I have two 225/70R16 Cooper Discover H/T tires that are in excellent condition no plugs or patches and evenly worn. I would say tread is 60-80% looks really close to new in my eyes. Check out the pics. First $15 a piece

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Any chance you ever get over to muskegon or GVSU?
what is the load range???
too bad you dont have four!

btt for ya
I have had these for sale for over a year now and still no interest :sonicjay:
bump it
load range and do u come toward muskegon at all
$30 for the pair, come get them!
what is the load range???
I looked today and it just said standard. Something like 1818lbs at 35psi
I still have these
Gave em to a buddy
Please delete
bump for deletion
1 - 19 of 19 Posts