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$SOLD or swap for a 4 wheeler / quad. (4x4 utility quad, or a 2005 or newer sport quad)

Got my wife a new car, so her XJ is up for sale.

231,984 Miles - Mostly highway from driving to Marquette and back during college. It has always been her daily driver, never off road.

Mechanically, everything works like it should. 4x4 works, 4-high/low work. It drives down the road straight. Its the straight 6 so its pretty much bombproof.

The Good:
Remote Start
Power Windows / doors / Mirrors
Aftermarket Sony Radio. It is already wired for a subwoofer.
Newer starter & alternator.
Newer Brake pads
Newer Tires with lots of life left in them.

The bad:
Typical Jeep Rust. Rocker was replaced on the passenger side.
Comes with a set of Monroe rear 'helper' coilover shocks that have yet to be installed.
Slow oil leak, about 1/4 quart between changes.
Rear wiper doesn't work
Passenger Window is off. You can hear the motor, but it doesn't move the window.
Hood latch cable broke, so I had to remove the latch mechanism - All the parts are on a bag in the rear seat. We have 3 toddlers, so I don't have the time or the desire to screw around with it. It currently is held in place with the safety latch. You can install a new latch, or put in hood pins.

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