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The toasted one
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$300 obo
I got this last season to learn how to sail, and then purchased a bigger boat.
The last owner had it in storage for 20 years since the last time he had it seen water, and before he put it away he put new pullys on it. Everything works great still and did a small fiberglass repair on the bottom of the boat.
The boat was made back in 1967. The pictures included were taken on 3/21/2010 Below are the specs given from the factory.

* Length: 10'4";
* Beam: 3'2";
* Draft: Centerboard up 3"; down 3'2";
* Sail area: 44 sq. ft.

# Tiller, dagger-board and hand rails of sturdy varnished Philippine Mahogany
# Stainless steel fittings
# Balanced lateen rigs
# Anodized aluminum mast and booms
# Four ounce nylon sail (red, white and blue)
# All necessary lines and halyards
# Positive foam flotation
# Recessed self-bailing cockpit
# Molded fiberglass splash rail
# Drain plug in cockpit
# Bow handle

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