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Soaring Energy Costs

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So we get this notice in the mail the other day from DTE about how we now get to have choice in saving on the new rate increases. It really isn't a choice the way I see it. Maybe it is if you want to use candles to light your home during peak hours. Which are between 3 and 7 when kids get home from school and families are getting home from a day at work to come home and turn everything on in the house that uses electricity.

Dynamic Peak Pricing | Products | DTE Energy

Get ready for some big increases.
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They are preparing us for the move to electric vehicles, electric heat, electric stoves, electric everything.
I guess I just have to "choose" not to cook a meal for my kids and "choose" to stumble around in the dark, and "choose" to not have any heat during that time of day.
how dare you!
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