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Soaring Energy Costs

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So we get this notice in the mail the other day from DTE about how we now get to have choice in saving on the new rate increases. It really isn't a choice the way I see it. Maybe it is if you want to use candles to light your home during peak hours. Which are between 3 and 7 when kids get home from school and families are getting home from a day at work to come home and turn everything on in the house that uses electricity.

Dynamic Peak Pricing | Products | DTE Energy

Get ready for some big increases.
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I don't understand policies like this....well I do, but I don't get why people think it's anything but a farce.

What's the ultimate plan here....every stops excess consumption during peak times? So then they choose to use their peak consumption during non-peak times....and turn that into the "new" peak time?

It's all a big smoke show, to make it seem like somebody is doing something. It's all just so DTE, Consumers...whomever can say "well we instituted new energy saving policies", disregarding that policy is BS.

Don't even get started on the "shift" to electric stuff. Electric ranges, electric heat...etc. All on an energy grid that barley holds on to what the demand is now. Cries about crude oil energy production ruining the county so ELECTRICITY FTW. Same old, same old. Still no talk about making that electricity since nuclear power bad even though is 5x more efficient than solar and wind. Nobody has figured out how to not kill thousands of acres of land with solar farms, or create a windmill that saves more energy than it costs to produce and maintain. Let alone the storage of that energy. It's all the same old argument that hasn't been changed in at least 15 years. (probably longer).
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I use a Vera Edge that I've had since they came out... I don't even know how old it is. 8 years? It uses zwave. I've had zwave for probably 15 years now. I still have some devices I bought when I was in college... 18 years ago.

A normal wall module is like $15. A fancy one that has flow capability is like $30.

The modern devices will let you switch heavy loads like a 220v water heater but they're expensive (~$100).

I have tons of stuff automated. Like the chicken coop (heat, waterer heat, lightning. Outdoor lighting. Pick something.

We are an entirely electric house, except we can burn oil or propane or anything else with the right burner plugged into our boiler. We mostly burn wood in a fireplace insert. We use 2200kwh or so a month. We have municipal power that's around $.09/kwh so it's pretty cheap for us. If they ever raise it I'll probably illegally put up solar panels.

One of the things I've found so amusing about those people that are anti-anything or live "off grid" are usually heavy on the dinosaur burning.
Illegally? Like violating a city ordinance kinda thing?
My township doesn't explicitly ban them like City of Chelsea does, but there is a good chance you won't be approved for the structure to put them up.
I didn't realize you would need a permit to put one up
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