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Ranger Addiction?
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Many of us have at least had the thought of swapping in a diesel, both for offroad torque or for the fuel economy. In many cases both. The problem is that there really aren't many out there to choose from, as most American smaller 4 cylinder diesels are still on the higher end of 700 lbs (like the Cummins L4BT for example).

After a while I came across an engine manufactured by International, the HS2800 (High Speed 2.8L) imported through Nova Scotia Canada by a guy named Stephen Calhill. Stephen also imports 3 other engines that are suitable for Jeeps and the smaller SUV's and pickups.

Prices are approximate, and can of course change.

Pic 1 Pic 2

Base Price: $5,800
Peak Torque: 375 Nm (277ft lbs) @ 1,400 RPM
Peak Horsepower: 135 @ 3,800 RPM
Weight: 208 Kg (~460 lbs) - about the same as a small block with aluminum heads!
  • NO COMPUTER - Totally mechanical engine
  • Available in a wastegate and variable geometry turbocharger configurations
  • Click here for a picture of the power curve
  • Adapter plates to fit GM transmissions! (by Advance Adapters)
  • Adapter plates to fit Jeep, Ford, and other transmissions are in the process of being designed by yours truly with information and help from Stephen.
More information on this engine in particular can be found at the engines' Yahoo group HERE. Including detailed drawings of the engines' size and location of components to plan your swap more easily in the files section.

NGD 3.0 E
Base Price: $7,650
There are 2 versions of the engine:
Peak Torque: 400 Nm (295 lb ft) @ 1,500 - 2,200 RPM (Both)
Peak Horsepower: 180 Hp @ 3,800 RPM (pick-up/SUV)
Peak Horsepower: 142 Hp @ 3,200 RPM (Medium truck / Bus)
Weight: 208 Kg (~460 lbs)
  • Common rail fuel system – Piezo actuated
  • High pressure controlled cooled EGR
  • 16 bits ECU
  • Central and vertical injectors
  • Cast iron parent bore cylinder block
  • Aluminum cylinder head with 4 valves per cylinder, insert in exhaust
    and inlet port
  • Steel forged crankshaft
  • Fracture splited conn-rod
  • Roller rockers arms
  • Belt driven timing system
  • VNT Turbocharger with waste gate
  • Overhead camshaft
  • Oil jet cooling
  • Concentric lube oil pump with relief valve
  • Ecological oil filter with integrated cooler
  • Water thermostat valve and by-pass circuit with de-aeration system
  • Stamped oil pan (antiphon damping material as optional)
  • Poly V belt with automatic tensioner
  • Fuel filter with water level sensor
  • Plastic valve cover with high efficiency integrated breathing system
This engine is very new, as I just got word the other day that he is able to order this engine. The only bit of extra information I have on this engine is a power point presentation in the “files” section of the HS2800 yahoo group named “NGD 3.0E Presentation.ppt”, The last slide contains a drawing of the engine. More information should be available soon.

MWM International Sprint: 2.8L I4 (NOT the same as the HS2800)
Base price: ~$7,000
There are 2 versions of the engine:
Version 1

Peak Torque: 333 Nm (245 lb Ft) @ 1,800 RPM
Peak Horsepower: 132 hp @ 3,600 RPM​
Version 2

Peak Torque: 280 Nm (206 lb ft) @ 2,000 RPM
Peak Horsepower: 135hp @ 3,500 RPM​
Weight: 198 Kg (~440 lbs) - Both
  • Mechanical OR Electronic fuel injection
  • 3 valves per cylinder - 2 intake, 1 exhaust
  • OHC cross flow cylinder head

Currently to my knowledge, this engine does NOT have any adapter plates at this time. After I have completed the Ford and Jeep adapter plates for the previous 2 engines I will design some plates for these engines.
Height: 683mm (29.9”)
Length: 618mm (24.3”)
Width: 503mm (19.8”)

MWM International Sprint: 4.2L I6
Base Price: ~ $9,000
There are 3 versions of this engine:
Version 1

Peak Torque: 392 Nm (289 Lb Ft) @ 1,800 RPM
Peak Horsepower: 135 Hp @ 2,800​
Version 2

Peak Torque: 363 Nm (268 Lb Ft) @ 2,000 RPM
Peak Horsepower: 150 Hp @ 3,400 RPM​
Version 3

Peak Torque: 510 Nm (376 Lb Ft) @ 1,600 RPM
Peak Horsepower: 180 Hp​
Weight: 259 Kg (570 Lbs) - ALL
  • Mechanical OR Electronic fuel injection
  • 3 valves per cylinder - 2 intake, 1 exhaust
  • OHC cross flow cylinder head

Currently to my knowledge, this engine does NOT have any adapter plates at this time. After I have completed the Ford and Jeep adapter plates for the first 2 engines I will design some plates for these engines.
Height: 683mm (29.9”)
Length: 834mm (32.8”)
Width: 503mm (19.8”)


VM Motori Diesels

I have yet to get in contact with VM Motori, who also have a wide selection of small, lightweight diesels. No adapter plates exist for these engines either to the best of my knowledge. A list of these engines can be found HERE (opens a .PDF file). The first series of engines are 2valve engines which they no longer produce, the 4 valve engines start at page 10 with the “R 315 SOHC” engine. Power curves, weight, overall dimensions and other info are listed in the PDF file. The Jeep Liberty used the 2.8L I4 from this company. Stephen does not import the VM Motori engines.

International Engines

Stephen Calhill will look after all orders to North America. If you are interested to know more about the International engines join our Yahoo group. We also have a new forum which can be found at . Ordering may be a few weeks as orders are stacked up until there is enough to at least somewhat fill a single large shipping container (usually 8-10 engines), this significantly reduces shipping costs (engines are shipped from an International manufacturing plant in Brazil).

All engines come essentially turn-key. A serpentine belt is required and custom ordered hoses to fit as per individual vehicle. Some other options are also available for the engines like block heaters, etc. Glow plugs are already on all the engines.

To inquire about ordering one of these engines you can reach Stephen at:

Old British Wheels Canada LTD.
Dartmouth Nova Scotia

VM Motori

N/A at the moment.​

Covered in mud...
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Also, can look at Dodge Spinter engines..

Mercedes 2.7 liter turbo diesel. I believe they were used in overseas jeeps as well, so maybe foreign market bellhousings exist..

2.7-liter I5 Turbo Diesel engine produces 154 horsepower at 3,800 RPM and 243 pounds-feet of torque from 1,600 to 2,400 RPM.

Still pricy, but I've seen them in the $4000 range at junkyards..

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or the classis MB 617's buy a whole car for between $200-$2000.
they make decent power, dont weigh all that much, and parts are easily available. unfortunatly almost all of them are auto's, although they are an excellent trans. also the VW's are easily adapted to suzuki bellhousings.

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That's a lot of money, and you still need to buy all the accessories and an aftermarket trans adapter. It would be a cool swap since its not something you see everyday, but I'd rather just run a 4BT that will bolt up to a number of transmissions and not have to worry about finding parts for

It's too bad there's not many smaller, older diesels in the US that could be bought for cheap, maybe up in Canada. The more popular stuff here like VWs are really only suitable for smaller lightweight vehicles, most of the stuff I found out of passenger vehicles that would make for a good swap were not very common and I'd hate to have to find parts for. I'm still toying with the idea but I'd be looking more at smaller truck engines.

Ranger Addiction?
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Nope, they come with accessories. Alternator, vacuum pump, fuel pump, PS pump, etc. I think they're Bosch (sp?) or something like that.. I could be wrong, but I know they come with them.

The trans-adapter would be a large chunk of money though.

Oh, there are a few small older diesels that are in the U.S. But most are converted gasoline blocks and not the most reliable, and the reason you may find one so cheap is because parts are even harder to find (they could also be rather expensive considering parts are rather hard to find depending on the engine and condition, if the seller knows what their selling)
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