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It's got a HEMI!
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I'm not I'm adding to my post count :finger:

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It's got a HEMI!
6,563 Posts
I'm not on the list either :(

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I tested the YJ on the trails in my woods that were cut for the Willys. The ride is nicer, but I barely fit.

I may avoid @Renegade II and @danimal 's run this year :teehee: I don't know that I want to wreck it as soon as i get it together.

The Goodyear military tires sucketh in the snow as well, especially with a worn LS unit and an open front :( Can't get them replaced by then either :(

It's got a HEMI!
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leaders & sweeps aren't on the list. I guess you newbies don't know that. :poke:
Really say it isn't so........ I had no idea :finger: :sonicjay:

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Thanks Kixx...appreciate the list:thumb:
On another note, may be a repeat, but do we need an ORV and trail permit or just the ORV for this area?

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That's a good question, and a good answer is, both. Some of the trail leaders use the St. Helen MSA for their trail run.
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