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I had these up awhile ago but ran out. I found one more box of 2 large and 8 small ones. Here is the old ad.

Oil or fluid coolers -


I have a couple of boxes filled with some hydraulic oil coolers. The small ones are 4" x 4" and the larger are 4" x 6"

They appear to have appx 5/16" barbs on them and are brand new.

I think they would work great for some lower pressure application. I was going to run one for a power steering return line cooler, that's how I ended up with all of them.

For a price I'd say $5.00 for small, $10.00 for the large - Will ship at your cost.

They looked too cool to scrap.

$10 each for the large ones, $5 each for the small ones. I'll also do 6 of the small ones for $20 just to get rid of them.

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